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Program Change Advice - Updated September 2020

The Change Code function for Horses, Owners and Charge Codes has now be reinstated in Stallion Cloud. When changing a code the system will display a message when the process has been completed. It is important that you wait until the message displays before closing the Change Code window.

The Email Log facility has been changed to allow email activity in the current month to display.

I have added a field to the Horse List program to display the date a horse started at its current location. The idea being that you can delete the Off Property transaction for any horse that has been Off for an extended period and is not likely to return. Once the transaction has been removed and an End of Day completed you will be able to make the horse inactive thereby reducing the number of horses the program will display when entering new transactions.

Account and Report Formatting has been enhanced to allow you to position your logo and company details on your accounts and reports. The change will also allow you to add coloured shading and text to your accounts and reports. For further information select Help / Tutorials / Account & Report Formatting from the Stallion Cloud menu.