Welcome to the Stallion by Wilmat - Cloud Version

The Horse Charges program has been changed to permit the entry of forward transactions. A forward transaction, is a transaction dated after the end of month date of the current period. For example, if you are processing March, the program will allow you to enter an April transaction. The forward transaction will be displayed on the transaction entry screen but will not be processed by the End of Day program or appear on any reports produced by the system.

When you enter a date, falling in the next month, the program will display a coloured message to indicate that the transaction is a forward transaction.

The program will not accept a transaction date which is later than the end of month date for the following period. In other words, if you are processing March, the system will not accept a date greater that 30th April.

The transaction display has also changed the format of the date display. Dates will now display as YYYY-MM-DD, this has been done to ensure that forward transactions are displayed after transactions for the current month.