Welcome to the Stallion by Wilmat - Cloud Version

A number of new settings are available which provide extra functionality when exporting of Invoices and Receipts from the Stallion Coud software. You can access these settings by selecting Settings / Options from the Stallion Cloud Menu.

The new settings are:

Export Owners: When exporting Invoices and Receipts you may elect to export to each individual owner or export to the owner name specified in the Export Owner Name setting.

Export Owner Name: If exporting to one owner, specify the required owner name. The default value "Stallion Owners" will be used if exporting to one owner and no owner name is defined.

XERO Tracking Names: Indicate the required value for Tracking Name 1 and 2 when exporting invoices to be imported into XERO.

Export Inv No Prefix: When exporting invoices, the defined invoice number prefix will be added to the invoice number generated by the program. This option is designed to prevent duplicating an invoice number that may have already been used in your accounting system.