Welcome to the Stallion by Wilmat - Cloud Version

A number of changes have been made to the Owner Accounts / Email Delivery facility.

When you select the email option in the Owner, Horse and Other Report programs, the program will display the last account or report on the screen to indicate that the reporting process has been completed. When you close the report display, the program will now take you directly to the emailling program and display a list of the accounts or reports waiting to be emailled.

Further, when emailling accounts, a poor internet connection can cause the system to temporarily loose the connection to the server. This may prevent the program from correctly attaching the account to the email. The client may receive the email but will be able to open the attachment. To avoid this situation, if the program is unable to correctly attach the account to the email, the email will not be sent and will remain on the list of unsent emails.

If you are experiencing this error when sending your accounts you may wish to introduce a delay in the emailling process to allow additional time for your computer to communicate with the server. You can introduce a delay of up to 5 seconds per email in the Settings / Options program. The default option is No Delay, you may select a delay of between 1 and 5 seconds. If you wish to introduce a delay, it is recommended that you start with a small delay and if the problem persists you can increase the delay as required up to 5 seconds.

By checking the email log, you will get an idea of how many emails your connection can send per second. Typically, the program should be able to send between 4 and 8 emails per second. By introducing a delay as described you may be able reduce or eliminate situations where the program cannot correctly attach an account to an email.

Once the program has completed the sending of accounts, it will automatically re-display the list of accounts waiting be be sent. Any accounts that were not able to be sent correctly will be listed thereby allowing them to be reselected for sending.