Welcome to the Stallion by Wilmat - Cloud Version

The Owner, Horses and Charge Codes display screens have been updated.

Additional fields have been added to the displays as hidden columns. The columns are hidden to avoid making the displays too wide for the screen. Data in the hidden columns can be used for searching and filtering.



The display sequence can be changed by clicking on the sequence indicator located to the right of each column heading.

The Search field can filter the displayed items based on the content of any of the displayed columns as well as Contact Name, Account Delivery (ACC=), Notes Delivery (NTE=) or Email Address on the Owner display and Trainer Name, Horse Age (AGE=) or Gender on the Horse Display

A listing of the displayed entries can be obtained by clicking the Print button which is located at the bottom of the table display. The listing will include all displayed fields as well as fields that are included in the table but not displayed.