Welcome to the Stallion by Wilmat - Cloud Version

Work Programs / Treatment Records

The Work Program facility is now available in the Stallion by Wilmat Cloud software. The Work Program facility allows you to plan the work programs of your horses in advance. It not only includes the various work that you plan for the horse but can also include Treatments, Supplements and Feed to be provided to a horse over the program period. You can also allocate riders to each horse and include additional comments in the work program.

Additionally, you can record the date and time an item was completed or provided to a horse and indicate the person who provided or supervised the provision of the item to the horse. This will then provide a permanent record of the work completed by the horse and the various feed, supplements and treatment provided to the horse.


Work Items

Use the Work Items program to create the various work, treatment, supplement and feed items that you provide to your horses.

Work Program

Create a Work Program for each horse, scheduling the work and treatments to be provided to the horse on a day by day basis.

Program Update

Record the date and time each item was provided to the each horse. You can also record the name or initials to identify the person providing or supervising the provision of each item.